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"I am typing this because I am at a party where I don't know anyone and need to look busy."

24 Pictures That Will Make Introverts Say, "Yes, That's Me"

I can physically hear the sigh that elicited from that cat's lips.

This is the greatest thing ever! but when they run past you. you think they see you, but nope they arent focused on you they are focused on someone else.

One time we were playing hide and seek and they literally restarted a game while I was hiding and the person who was "it" counted in the room I was hiding in, RIGHT BY MY HIDING SPOT, without noticing me. That's still my greatest achievement.

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I had more poly pocket clothes then my own clothes 😂😂😂

My Sister Wanted A Silly Family Photo

My Sister Wanted A Silly Family Photo -- haha omg i hate silly photos so much tho. i always feel so awkward and never know what to do


One time after hockey practice my dad asked that and my friend was like "nah" like what ze fak man. I just practiced for two fuckin hours let me have my Arby's