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Frank Iero <3

I just went all warm and fuzzy inside lol I love him

how can he hate himself??????!/?/?!"?#?@)1)1917$$;#(@)1?1@()1)1!";'83(2

I love Frank Iero because i best friend looks just like him (female with shor hair) - Jessi

FRANK SO HOT SO HOT *ovaries exploding in the distance*

FRANK SO HOT SO HOT *ovaries exploding in the distance*<<< Oh. Tmi my friend. But yes I agree for the first part

The moment u realize that u hate the song your listening to

And here we have a wild Frank Iero in its natural habitat. When approaching the Frank Iero you do so quietly for you don't want to interrupt his midday ritual.

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Ieros too cute

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero He is actual perfection

Frank Iero

takethistyourgrave: “ please do not remove photo credit ”