Mom dragon's little treasure by AlviaAlcedo

Small but precious Working this those creamy colored watercolor paper again. Mom dragon's little treasure

190- Blue Mystic DragonThis guy was just a cute little creation that was a lot of fun!

Blue Mystic Dragon This guy was just a cute little creation that was a lot of fun!" -Artist Unknown by me

Painful memories make us stronger, even if the loss was great. Pens, pencils Art © me Custom tattoo design. Please, respect comissioner and don't u.

Tropical forest dragon by on @DeviantArt

Tropical forest dragon by AlviaAlcedo - Splash of colors I thought, why not to do a challenge - to draw a very colorful dragon, and let imagination run wild (: You also can try to draw a tropical dragon, it's very funny^^ Pencils, pens o.

Serendipity by AlviaAlcedo

Serendipity by Alvia Alcedo-It's dragon character from Serendipity Stories anime. I couldn't resist and not to draw her. I made her more thin and with bigger fins and tail to give her a bit bird-like vision.

Summerday dragon by Rykhers on DeviantArt

A Blink in the Eternal Twilight - Instrumental Electric Guitar *edit* - This character now belongs to eilujenna. Was inspired by AlviaAlced.