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Because if you can't be barefoot, you can wear these creepy other-person's-feet shoes.


Mexed media Scorpion high heal Shoe by spiderjelly on Etsy. It's Mexed media and very scary!

These give a whole new meaning to footwear .

Hairy Feet Shoes- These are sooo gross and don't know why you would buy them? maybe a good gag gift.

oh  just get over this stupid look   enough already!.... any leopard would be ashamed

Magic Leopard Platform in Shoes at Nasty Gal Wtf !

"Aren't these horse-hoof heels delightful?  Neigh!!!"  Iris Schieferstein

Aren't those chestnut horse-hoof heels by German designer Iris Schieferstein delightful? -I would wear them only for Rothschild Surrealist Dinner Party ;

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Ok, kind of scary shoes! by Gwen Murphy

gekke schoenen - Google zoeken

A cat shoe.

hair salon | Tumblr mannequin planters www.localhoneysalon.com

i wondered what i could do with my old doll heads.

I wonder if they come in Unicorn...

Iris Schieferstein Horse Hoof Gun Heels---found multiples of this "horse hoof shoe" idiots. Horses don't have split hooves haha

Chaussures design les plus originales. Des chaussures expérimentales.

Artist creates 12 crazy shoes for his 12 ex lovers. These shoes are definitely crazy

I already cannot walk in heels...these would be the end of me, but I'm mesmerized.

Pointe shoe heels designed by Christian Louboutin - auctioned to raise money for the English National Ballet. Heels only a ballerina would be comfortable in! The funny part is. We actually walk like this for hours a week. By choice!

Most men love the invention of the high heel and most women do as well. Especially Marilyn Monroe and her famous quote, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” In any case, we aren’t so sure any woman would want to wear some of these strange high heels. …

Wire Heels by Polly Verity More wire sculptures by Polly Verity


For a good laugh, and a little head scratching confusion, check out the ugliest shoes of all time!

Wow!!! While probably never wear them, I would love to collect them! #statementpieces #kindaartsy

Such funny shoe ideas! But seriously who the hell'd wear these things

another sticky mess ...

Photo (Bits, Pieces & Slices of Life)

Christian Louboutin - By Matthew Shave For Harrods Magazine