Rose would run up to Harry, yelling, “Uncle Harry! I didn’t know you fought a basilisk!” Harry would chuckle and say, “Ah, yes. One of my greatest moments.” (which made Ginny slap him on the arm). When Ron and Hermione got home, they’d breathe a sigh of relief. They loved their kids, of course, but enjoyed an empty house once in a while. And Ron would smile, hug her really tight, and cook a romantic, candlelit dinner to distract her. AND RON AND HERMIONE WOULD JUST BE SO HAPPY.

I prefer this much more. And she could still lobby for SPEW and be an activist. Writing op-ed pieces now-and-then.

I love this so much, because I truly believe that he would that type of father. He's never taken being part of a family for granted, and now that he's created one of his very own, he's going to be father/friend/husband he can be. This really does warm my heart.

Harry James Potter - An amazing father and husband Ginny Weasley, James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna are all very lucky!

Not a Drarry shipper but this is funny

Not a Drarry shipper but this is funny<<I used to never ship them bc I love Ginny and Harry but honestly Drarry fan fic is the best and I love it

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And people say Ron sucked, that the girl he loves should've ended up with his best mate, that he should've died rather than Fred, that he was a bad friend and character.<<<< How could anyone hate Ron?

Oh I love this so much:

Oh I love this so much:

Ron and Hermione part 1

Summer After the War

James and Lily´s first kiss <<<< This is great except James was a Chaser

James and Lily´s first kiss <<<< This is great except James was a Chaser< No he wasn't, remember when Harry, Ron and Hermione find the trophy awarding James as best Seeker?