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FREE Pooky Pattern, Garfield's bear http://aphid777.deviantart.com/art/Family-Photo-312792882

crochet pattern - pookie bear -Scroll down for the pattern for Pooky. It is there below the photo of the three stuffed animals.


ao with / happy valentine all together / A little heart bunny, free pattern by lilleliis, thanks so xox


Look at these cute amigurumi birds! These are listed on a Japanese website alongside cockatiels, cockatoos and budgerigars ^_^

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Amigurumi de pinterest

Cute tiny Panda Bears ペアぱんだ by mischief* ぬいぐるみ・人形 あみぐるみ

26 (399x600, 283Kb)

I will have to start with saying that after the TV clip my Chatterbox the Clown became unexpectedly popular. Many people saw him there in the swinger and asked if there is a pattern written.