I've made planets with corn syrup as well.  I just use paper plates instead.

Epiphany star - corn syrup glob in the middle - spread to edges, add drops of food coloring and swirl. add glitter if desired. Takes a long time to dry, but is very shiny!

Melted Crayon Planets

Melted Crayon Planets I wonder if you can get close to the same effect by putting crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper and ironing it. It would have less intense color, but a whole lot less mess.

Moon and Planets Paintings from a preschooler

Moon and Planets Paintings from a preschooler

marble-painted planets. perfect art project for a space unit. | tippytoe crafts - fun

Tippytoe Crafts: Marble-Painted Planets Exploded planet hypothesis/ create the missing planet - Marble Crafting Inc.

Space craft for kids - making coffee filter planet sun catchers

What a Fun and Easy Space Craft for Kids to Make

A fun space craft for kids to extend their knowledge of planets. Perfect for preschoolers through elementary-aged kids. Makes some coffee filter planets!