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25 Amazing Pictures about Ragdoll Cats and The Facts You Should Know!


one of our cats is also a box cat - will crawl into ANY size receptacle she finds. What's that feline gene all about?

15 Purrsome Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs – The CATDOGS

Is this not the most beautiful Ragdoll Cat ever? I want one sooooo bad. They are lovely cats.

You know to true love when a cat chooses you over a perfectly good box.

Cute British Shorthair kitten-- Looks just like the baby that i'm having to bottle feed now.

Cute kitty with some unique markings~ Would you call her a panda, or a raccoon?


♥ This is what my sweet little boy looks like every morning when I go to wake him for school. A sweet baby kitteh. I always wake him up calling him "sweet kitty, wake up sweet kitty.

Cats Toys Ideas - Make your own DIY Cardboard Cat House and create a cozy hangout for your favorite feline! Cats love lounging around in boxes, especially cute house-shaped ones! via - Ideal toys for small cats

365 Happiness Project – Week 16

Oh crap. here he comes Can't I come in the box? You won't fit. You are too fat. I've been eating salad The box isn't big enough. Nonsense, the box is plenty big. You are crushing me! I told you. CAN"T BREATHE!