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Killua Zoldyck. It's weird but I like the psycho eyes in anime... Wish I could do this in real life

Killua Zoldyck turning on his switch, assassin mode, Hunter X Hunter

WAAAH HAVE TO WATCH EVERYTHING I LOVE YATOOO.. and levi although i havent watched aot

Anime Facts - Shingeki no Kyoujin {Attack on Titan}, Noragami, Kuroko no Basket and Durarara!

killua zoldyck

Power That Lies Within (Hunter x Hunter fanfic) - They're x Unpredictable


Inuyasha funny // This is so cute. I love inuyasha's face at the end.

tumblr_n6pu9299XI1s90ecco1_400.gif (400×410)

I just watched this episode last night! I swear it takes me 3 extra minutes to finish each episode due to all the screenshots, pausing and rewinding because something was really funny or I missed the screenshot. Most are Killua haha