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6:32 AM PDT 6/16/2017  by   THR Staff       “Millions of people love Whole Foods Market because they offer the best natural and organic foods, and they make it fun to eat healthy,” said Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.  Amazon announced it will be acquiring Whole Foods Market on Friday,...

Who needs an army of lawyers when you have a computer?

Yeah, I need to adopt this. I've started comfort eating again and HAVE to start working out again. All my work might as well not have happened

Noiva em forma + lua de mel

Heres a weight loss secret you can pin There are no secrets. STOP eating garbage and get off your a**

Time to pack my bags...

Just a bunch of random facts passing through. I immediately thought "due to extreme temperature, it rains diamonds on Uranus" xD Ps that's FREAKING AWESOME

Unbelievable But True Facts 18

Amazing Facts You Wont Believe Are True Picz): Billionth Second

Details, January 2014 (USA): Christian Bale wearing a Ferragamo runway collection sweater. Beard tumblr

Christian Bale in 2013 Hollywood Mavericks. After redefining the superhero genre as Batman, Bale is back to doing what he loves best: disappearing into messy, larger-than-life characters—leading-man looks be damned—for fiercely independent filmmakers.


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