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My brother doesn't ship it and he doesn't watch Naruto much so whenever he talks about Naruto he always says Naruto Uchiha XD

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That's how I saw that scene as, but Naruto said something like, "look Sakura. I guess Sasuke missed me more than you". I honestly do believe that SasuNaru is more popular than SasuSaku.

Follow the damn script Sasuke! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

they're actually married and the whole naruto x hinata and sasuke x sakura thing was just a farce

Your brother is awesome, SassyCake. You just need time to realize it. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally I managed to post this! I had to go to my friend.

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Welcome to the online rantings of me, Naruto Uzumaki-aka future Hokage! Feel free to talk to me or ask me.

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I was bored and this come in my mindso i decided to do a spead sketch for it