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Game of Thrones Architecture, Part III

Game of Thrones Architecture, Part III

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The Travel Tester takes you to Northern Ireland for an epic road trip along all of the Game of Thrones Shooting Locations, listed for you per episode.

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Designing The Game of Thrones

The city of Astapor

Did you know Astapor, Yunkai and Meeren in A Song Of Ice And Fire as descendant cities of the ancient Ghiscari Empire are reference to the ancient Egypt?

Game of Thrones Season The Last Time We Saw Daenerys Targaryen…

The Ruins of Valyria

The ruins of the Palace of Sorrow - by Dimitri Bielak. The Palace of Sorrow is a ruined island palace in the Rhoyne at Chroyane. Prior to the city's downfall a thousand years ago, the structure was called the Palace of Love by the Rhoynar.