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Yellowfang for her determination in battle with Dark Forest, killing Brokenstar twice even though it hurt and for caring for Cinderpelt.

Yellowfang Warrior cats - Credit of art goes to Taunii on DeviantART

Warriors : Bramblestar and Alderpaw by Marshcold.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Warriors (c) Erin Hunter art (c) by me Warriors : Bramblestar and Alderpaw

Firestar and Sandstorm. I think Sandstorm knew Cinderpelt liked Firestar too because she always acts kinda weird when there with Cinderplet.

She'd better hold him tight. by CascadingSerenity-------She'd better hold him tight/give him all her love/look in those beautiful eyes/and know she's lucky cause/he's the teardrops on my guitar

Corazón de Fuego y Fauces Amarillas :3

Yellowfang and Fireheart. They definitely had a mother-son relationship. I LOST IT when Yellowfang died

"Willst du dem DonnerClan beitreten ?" Blaustern lädt Sammy in den DonnerClan ein☺

[Warriors Fake Screenshot] Not a light offer. by BRlCK on DeviantArt

warrior cats Jayfeather | Jayfeather meets Meowth...wut by *hikari2314 on deviantART

when Pokémon meets warrior cat😂😂😆😆👏🏻👏🏻😱😱😝😝😉😉

I'm Silverheart :3 what did you get??

Warriors name generator by (Fallen Stars At Midnight) [Shadeblossom]. I apologize if you got Stormstorm, retry with your first or last name. Sorry about that random "Leaf".

Cinderpelt:Was a better choice for Firestar then Sandstorm and deserved a mate. She is the best medicine cat ever

Cinderpelt: Apprentice of Fireheart(star) until she hurt her leg and became a medicine cat. Loved Firestar, but they were good friends

Mapleshade because... I don't even know. I don't think she's all evil deep down inside.

Mapleshade because. I don't think she's all evil deep down inside.