Not much space in your homeschool?  Use a dish drain to hold file folders and pencils.  Put the drain in a cupboard when not in use.

Set up a portable office with a dish-drying rack. The slats for dishes will keep files upright, and the utensil holder is perfect for pens, notebooks, and other office supplies.

Going to College? Dorm Room Hacks and Tips!

Going to College? Dorm Room Hacks and Tips!

organize pens, markers, crayons: In the process of organizing my craft room and put a shoe organizer of the door.did one for my grandsons room for works of art too!

Home Organization Ideas

Two Tone White + Wood Dressers Beautiful Home Decor Ideas 25 DIY Home Organization Ideas - Handmade Storage Solutions! Home Design Decalz

12 Simple Storage Solutions--Smart ways to expand and organize your storage space

12 Simple Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

12 Simple Storage Solutions--Smart ways to expand and organize your storage space. Perfect suggestions for small homes, tiny homes and folks just needing storage space.

spice organization

Spice Cupboard Organization

I nailed my trays horizontally into the upper part of my cupboard. The spice tins fit perfectly on their sides on the trays. The magnetic bottoms cling to the back so they won’t want to fall forward. Since I had more spices than trays

Are you doing some sorting in preparation for the Christmas holidays? #stortown #selfstorage #tips #christmas #cleaning

25 more totally clever storage tips & tricks. Basket Towel Storage for bathroom, lOVe it

It's Written on the Wall: Craft Room Organizing-Store over 200 Rolls of Ribbon in a 12" square Space!

Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects - Page 4 of 58 - DIY & Crafts. LOVE this idea with the Ikea wall storage for a craft room.

Great ideas on pantry organization. Looks like some great ideas, and soon, I'm going to have to figure out what to do, so I may as well take a hint from someone else ;)

Great ideas on pantry organization. Love her entire site! I use these ideas and they make your pantry so much neater and food last longer because the kids don't leave bags open they just screw the top on.

15 things to buy at the dollar store! Great tips!

Great Glass Jar Storage- old Starbucks bottles look like a great size for herbs and spices! Now I just have to find someone who drinks these.

kitchen organization ideas

20 Tips and Tools for Kitchen Organization and Storage

Here are some new ways to organize everything!

28 new ways to organize everything Idea Box by Beckye Ridge

Here are 52 totally feasible ways to organize your entire home, or at least make a dent.

30 ways to organize your laundry room. (Since I've never had a separate laundry room before, I'm looking at every option for personalization and higher functionality.

Mason Jars Although this requires a little wall space, by hanging up mason jars you can store small household necessities instead of allowing them to occupy your limited drawer space.

25 Life Hacks for Small ApartmentsMason Jars

Great idea for paint brushes, markers, and pencils right by my desk! Mason Jar Sunday {DIY Mason Storage from Liz Marie!