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The Ateliers D'Embellie Bike Lets Riders Take a Sip While Staying Classy - bike flask

80 Must-Have Bike Accessories

drink & ride :) 80 Must-Have Bike Accessories - From Cycling Booze Chambers to Pedal-Powered Chargers

bike with blanket strapped on for that impromptu picnic or concert in the park

Bicycle Accessories - Helmuts, Cute Bike Gadgets 2013

bike with blanket strapped on for that impromptu picnic or concert in the park - or beach towel hookup!

Simple, Elegant, AWESOME!  Bravo!

The aim was to use a hubless wheel to create a compact bicycle, with the benefits of a large wheel and belt drive.Hubless wheels have appeared in bicycle concepts already, and were first invented b.

Nicely designed Ruphus Slim wood fender, rack + lock holder all in one.


5 Best Bike Locks In Unbreakable, Secure, and Trustworthy - Fit Clarity

FeO2 bike Winner of the Partisan Vodka Bike Battle - Good idea for water jerry can


Bicycles: I love this raw wood fixie bike frame with leather flask holder.

Vintage Bike. I must have this + a basket :)

Eco-Traveler: 5 More Beautifully Designed Bicycles

Vintage green bicycle, Love this, It just needs a basket for stuff!

yapılıp, tutulasıca

Bicycles are great things to ride, but awkward things to carry. a better way to carry them is Walnut Studiolo's Bicycle Frame Handle, a simple leather strap that lets you carry your ride safely, easily, and ergonomically.

Magnic Light Innovates On The Dynamo Bike Light Concept

Magnic Light is the first contactless bicycle dynamo, that can produce electric energy without touching the wheels. The Magnic Light dynamo does not need any magnets attached to the wheels. It produces enough energy for a brilliant

Too bad this was an April Fools joke. I would totally give them a test run.

'Barefoot' Cycling Shoe Promises Natural Cycling Action Fivefingers - PentiCleat would love a flat shoe version

Clever Inventions

Funny pictures about Canadian bicycle. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian bicycle. Also, Canadian bicycle.

Dream Fixie

Grass Track Racer by Townsend Cycles

This bike is a grass track racer from a company named Townsend cycles. Aside from the awesome design features this bike is fixed gear and has no brakes just like every good new yorker's should be :)

off on an adventure with a bike, a blanket and a basket

Vintage & classic styled luxurious cycling accessories from BEG Bicycles. See our range of gorgeous wool picnic rugs / blankets and other accessories.

neon glow in the dark paint on a bike's wheels this would be so cool at night

Bianchi Road Bike - Inspired by Tron Glow in the dark tires for bikes - great for night riders!