"Rae, when did we adopt a raven?" "We...didn't" #beastboy #raven #teentitans #bbrae

gabriel-picolo: ““Rae, when did we adopt a Raven?” “We…didn’t” ” Opening a shop for prints on January I’ll include this piece and other recent ones (`・∀・´)

bbrae_sketch_dump_by_shock777-d8stv94.jpg (518×1543) #bb-8 #spherobb8 #bb8 #starwars #friki

here's my colored version of the sketchy sketchy style of my drawing here:  idk i just love drawing sketchy sometimes vuv  bb and rae(c)dc comics and glen murakami 

Un grande applauso all  attrice shock777 che la trovate su Tumbl, devianart e instagram bravissimaaaa!!!!  BBRae sketchdump #5

part 4 of the same mini-series akjsdhflkajhdsglkha Something about beastboy calling raven "babe" gets to me x////x; this part was a lot of fun to draw XDDDDD fjhlkdjhaldsjhfffffffffff hope you have.

cool Hairstyles- Straight by Fyuvix on deviantART

Hairstyles- Straight by Fyuvix on deviantART

How to draw hairstyles straight hair, how to draw people, drawing hair, resources for art students drawing lesson

Abby Hope Skinner. Drawing from observation in art. This section of Abby’s A Level Art portfolio shows excellent reference to first-hand sources. Here she completes observational line drawings of still life items (relating to her identity as a young artist – paint brushes, easels, artwork) arranged on a studio desk. The compositions communicate the essence of Abby’s identity, without the inclusion of a typical self-portrait – an innovative way of approaching a self-portrait.

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student