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Classic Actors: Rock Hudson

Classic Actors: Rock Hudson

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Rock Hudson

Let us all pause for a moment so that I may express my love for Rock Hudson.

Rock Hudson

30 años sin el galán Rock Hudson

Pictures of Rock Hudson, Picture Rock Hudson (born Roy Harold Scherer, Jr. November 1925 – October was an American actor.


Hugh Jackman~ Gorgeous, Humanitarian tired of playing the cat wolverine. He is one of the few hollywood actors along with Pierce Brosnan that has remained faithful to his wife.

Rock Hudson's revelation that he had AIDS had an immediate impact on the visibility of AIDS, and on the funding of medical research related to the disease. Among activists who were seeking to de-stigmatize AIDS and its victims, Hudson's revelation of his own infection with the disease was viewed as an event that could transform the public's perception of AIDS.

Rock Hudson died in being the first major celebrity to die from an AIDS-related illness.