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how to cuddle like you mean it (boyfriend insisted on testing this) - the oatmeal

How to cuddle like you mean it. I am laughing so hard it HURTS! This is what it's like to cuddle with husband during the summer

He's a crafty one

He's a crafty one

well apparently my appendix was angry so it decided to try to kill me. joke's on you appendix. you're dead in a lab somewhere and i'm out of surgery appendix free.

Poor gallbladder

asapscience: The gallbladder functions to store bile, which is produced by the liver. via The Awkward Yeti Seriously, gallbladder, be still!

Love those corny jokes...

A psychic dwarf on the run? Bahahaha this made me giggle because the first person I heard it from was Hiddles♥

The (horrible) truth about the seasons.

The Truth About the Seasons

Usually how it goes in North Dakota and Minnesota - especially that hopeful day in March where it's like degrees out and you think winter is finally over but then get another snowstorm the next day.