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Gym humor Funny But Not so funny! Happens with soccer and lifting. Damn u joints and tendon damn U!

Running :P

~Ðo you ËVER have one of thôse moments when yoû're warring with your brain? Ỳour body says one thing, but the ĥead talk is saying the opposite? Well, guess what? Ï won👏👏👏👏 and so can you with the ẃill, determination, and pràyer!

Classic Memes (2015)

Top 15 Funniest Memes – Gap Ba Gap - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

Clever pun illustrations - I want a t-shirt for every illustrated pun. Especially the what's "UP" pun.

"What are we going to do today brain? The same as we do everyday. Try to build muscle and burn fat at the same damn time!" #Humour burn fat quotes

"What are we going to do today brain? Try to build muscle and burn fat at the same damn time!

Bildergebnis für meditation comic

Imagine a quiet state, an oasis of calm where you leave behind all of the clutter and noise and distractions and experience a true peace.

Looking at people at the gym

Menschen die andere Menschen im Fitnessstudio anschauen

"The Oatmeal is hilarious" - Who looks at who in the gym. From The Oatmeal…

Because running would be cardio. Pooh is wise. (How much do I hate cardio?)… – Want To Gain Muscle

This is the best thing ever ❤️

The water hose bottle thing is real it conserves water and spreads it out evenly especially when watering plants

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OMG the truth about me is I feel like this every night for realz! Inspirelinge Fitness: Beauty Basics: My Favorite Products

funpot: Katzen.jpg von Funny53

Funny pictures about Cat treadmills. Oh, and cool pics about Cat treadmills. Also, Cat treadmills.

Human Muscles labeled diagram for kids

Scientists make old muscles young again in attempt to combat aging An international team of scientists have identified for the first time a key factor responsible for declining muscle repair during.