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Accurate face…

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Studying For Finals, Mmhm. Yeah. Mmhm...

my school life: studying for (anatomy and physiology) finals : mhm, oh, yeah yeah yeah. I know some of these words! Good Burger Nickelodeon TV show Kel Mitchell as Ed

This guy's awesome.

Note Card Wisdom

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reminds me of when my mom tried to cut my bangs right before the Christmas music program. The rest of my hair was shoulder length. My bangs were about an inch long and nothing could disguise that.

So true! This is what another pinner said:"My bearded math professor just gave a two-day long lecture on the calculus behind bunny reproduction. This is how I felt the whole time." Who says these things?

Just replace teacher with the Professor. Like seriously it's so freaking hard to catch up, like even if I record the class, I have to listen to it multiple time, pause it often to take notes!

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Funny pictures about Getting a new haircut. Oh, and cool pics about Getting a new haircut. Also, Getting a new haircut.

So this girl run in the field to touch players butts

So this girl run in the field to touch players butts

This girl is my hero. I love how she tells the security guard to hold on as she goes to run to the other baseball player and grab his butt.