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Deinotherium, Machairodus and Magericyon in the Miocene of Madrid, Spain by Mauricio Antón

Deinotherium, Machairodus and Magericyon in the Miocene of Madrid, Spain by Mauricio Antón

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Giant Animals: Modern And Extinct w/ Human For Scale [Pics]

Sailback Roster -- Fig. 1. A brief survey of the sailbacks of prehistory. Permian sailbacks, the sphenacodontids: (1) Dimetrodon, (2) Sphenacodon, (3) Secodontosaurus, and (4) Ctenospondylus. The edaphosaurids: (5) Edaphosaurus, (6) Ianthasaurus, (7) Echinerpeton, (8) Lupeosaurus. The temnospondyl: (9) Platyhystrix. Triassic sailbacks, the rauisuchians: (1) Arizonasaurus, (2) Ctenosauriscus, (3) Lotosaurus, and (4) Xilousuchus. Cretaceous sailbacks, the theropods: Spinosaurus (1), Suchomimus…

Tall spines and sailed backs: A survey of sailbacks across time – THE REPTIPAGE

Composition commissioned and currently in exhibition at the Argentinian Natural Sciences Museum (Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales "Bernardino Rivadavia"). As you might have already guessed it ...

Proboscidea by Rodrigo-Vega on The Proboscidea are a taxonomic order of afrotherian mammals containing one living family, Elephantidae, and several extinct families. This order, first described by J. Illiger in encompasses the trunked mammals.

Homotherium_serum_ - Homotherium is an extinct genus of machairodontine saber-toothed cats, often termed scimitar-toothed cats, that ranged from North America, South America, Eurasia, and Africa during the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs (5 mya–11,700 years ago), existing for approximately 5 million years.

A lesser know breed of the "Sabertooth Tiger," the American Scimitar (Homotherium Serum)

Miocene Fauna of South America by PaleoAeolos.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

During millions of years South America was a island containing. The South American fauna was different from the one that existed in the rest of the worl. Miocene Fauna of South America

Anancus at Quarternary Safari.

Anancus at Quarternary Safari.


Saber-toothed Cat (Smilodon californicus)

barbourofelis vs smilodon - Google Search

Barbourofelis was one of the largest of the nimravids or false sabertooth cats. It lived in North America. Time period: Serravallian to Messinian of the Miocene.

What the landscape of Cerro de los Batallones in Spain may have looked like around 9 million years ago by Mauricio Antón

The fossilized fangs of saber-toothed cats hint at how the extinct mammals shared space and food with other large predators 9 million years ago.