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Starwolf-Class Fast Attack Stealth Cutter WIP by ChroniclesofMan

Starwolf-Class Fast Attack Stealth Cutter WIP by ChroniclesofMan

Mitsubishi shinshin fighter concept

How the "Spirit" of Japan Is Helping Build a Better Stealth Fighter

Just another hull shape that is pleasing and effective This would definitely be an central in-board main drive unit. Honestly, that wouldn't be so bad. Could just as easily go with an in-board cluster of 4 engines as a larger single.

Arrow-class runabout fan design for Star Trek by Malcolm Lu and Andrew Gillespie

Gladius-class Destroyer by ClefJ on DeviantArt

The gladius-class is the workhorse of the Confederate Central Military in my RP. 1050 meters or so in length, capable of atmosphere…


Aquila class Attackstars are the largest capital ship class available to the Colonial Navy that can enter and exit a planet's atmosphere under thei.

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