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Afar people in Ethiopia

Sof Omar Caves near Goba.  The worlds most extensive underground caves. Largest cave system in Africa.  ETHIOPIA.

I have been inside this beautiful cave, was 4 hr drive from college. Sof Omar Caves near Goba. Potentially the largest cave system in Africa, located in SE Ethiopia

beautiful dark skin people | Update: more pictures, plus some ethnohistory, in the comments.

Ethiopian Women are Beautiful

An Ethiopian Beauty. Ethiopia is located in the horn of Africa. Ethiopia is the most populous landlocked country in the world, and the second most populated nation on the African continent.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia 2011

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Ethiopia is an incredibly diverse country with tribes unchanged for thousands of years, carved stone churches, amazing people and a stunning landscape.

Ethiopia: Ten Amazing Places Not to Miss

Karo - Ethiopia

A regular feature in the Destiny of Dragons books, usually when someone is seeking to take their life(!), this reminds me of the mighty Lauder Falls, on the Sagittarian-Capricorn border.