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Spaccanapoli (This part of Naples is full of crowded, colorful alleys full of shops, plastic rosaries, fresh seafood and famous artisan workshops) - Naples, Italy

Knowing the architecture and ancient ruins is just a short visit from Naples, we joined the 'Best Of" from Walks of Italy's collection of Pompeii tours.

The Ancient City of Pompeii - A Guided Tour with Walks of Italy

Amazing place, although freaked me out seeing the chariot wheel indents on the cobbled streets.also the casts of people turned to stone by Vesuvius

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Naples #Italy | Get travel tips for this place -> www.gadders.eu/destination/place/Naples

beautiful architecture napoli italy Historic Centre of Naples. The most beautiful places.

Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore - Esterno

Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore - Esterno