shirtless pictues aside, this has got to be my favorite cumberpicture - Imgur

Benedict Cumberbatch I'm totally Benaddicted!--His name is perfect for every occasion.

I love what you're doing with your face. Never change you sweet soul......BWAHAHAHAHA lol gotta love the funny face making dorkybatch xD

Never change you sweet soul.BWAHAHAHAHA lol gotta love the funny face making dorkybatch xD if I ever meet him, this is the picture I want him to sign.

Martin Freeman from Sherlock Holmes :3 @CoatMyFox

Martin Freeman looking adorable! (This man himself is a fandom collision, being in both The Hobbit and BBC Sherlock.

John Watson - Martin Freeman and Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson & Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes *those buttons are desperately trying to stay together I say "no please, if you're tired just let go, let go"*

I loved this. The Office. Imagine the planning that would have to go into something like this...

Jim and Pam's best Dwight prank

Jim and Pam's best Dwight prank- I love Office solely for the Dwight pranks

Every single time I log onto Pinterest there is a new picture of Benedict Cumberbatch that I haven't pinned yet!

This is a recent photo. HE STILL HAS THIS SHIRT!! (He's had it for at least a decade -- there are many pictures of him in it from way back.) It's so adorable that he hangs onto his old clothes!