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Supergirl and Heatwave- Crossover Episode

"Heros v Alines: The Dominators" Promo -- 4 Nights Crossover Event Trailer!

"Takes one to know one."

Dessa ♡ on

"Like you and Oliver. Takes one to know one" - Felicity, Oliver & Barry

This is one of the ways of Cisco that makes him awesome!<<< YES I love how just kinda fanboys and I'm like yeah I would to man

"Who is Harrison Wells" - Cisco and Laurel <<<Cisco's such a fanboy

When Barry lost his memory  omgoodness I love him

"Cause and Effect" - "My name's not Barry. My name is Bartholomew Henry Allen. Are you sure I don't go by Bart? Bart feels more natural to me.

This is the saddest thing ever!!!! Why did he have to die?!?!?! He did get his kiss though.....

This is the saddest thing ever! Honestly I squealed like a baby dinosaur when he said the words "And me and you" those four words had never been so beautiful until that moment