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All Jungkook does is watch tv and ignores Jimin but all will change w… Story

Aw...gotta love NAMJIN...and Jungkook. I think I just died from crying and embarrassment especially since I’m in public. I think this is so cute and just ugh I am crying so much right now.

Jungkook cry at concert Namjoon Jin The Lion King reference

That third picture is so accurate. I'm happy for the most part like Yoongi b.

We respect the boys and their privacy

Damn proud of my Army family. These boys are our family as well and we will do anything to protect them, make them happy and comfortable, and most of all make them feel loved.

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No one interferes with my eating, if it's not on a plate it can wait.

After all he's Daehyun's son. XD /me representando na vida /

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It's one if those "you know my life is so bad right about now THIS is best thing that's happened so far" moments

Yoongi, her gün kavga ettiklerini duyduğu komşusu ve kedi bebeğinin t… #hayrankurgu # Hayran Kurgu # amreading # books # wattpad


Jimin lip licking gif - Walking around dressed like a normal guy like this is more painful than any stage pic. It's more relatable . and way more sexy.

Aww this made me laugh haha

Aww this made me laugh haha

That's how it is every time!

BTS reacting to their video is better than our reaction (btw this is also Jungkooks face he made when Jin kissed that statue xD so cute!


Reminded me of you

Wow the only person who will throw confetti before introducing himself