I just love the look, and the sound of vintage fans...mesmerizing on a hot summer day...

I have one just like this fan! It weights a ton and will blow your socks off. I know it is not energy efficient but I wish they still made things like this. This fan is past the half century mark and runs powerfully. Will modern fans last that long?

Patent pending vintage General Electric fan, primitive farmhouse decor, rustic decorations, vintage fans

"Do not stick your fingers in the fan!" I must have heard this from my grandma at least a thousand times growing up at her house when she had an old fan going like this one. Probably would have lost a finger no doubt.

These 11 Best Thrift Store Transformations include making over an old fan, lamps, dressers, a stool, wooden bowls, an ottoman, and more!

Vintage Kenmore fan, before & after transformation! I love vintage-looking, "steampunk-ish" fans, but they're so expensive! It never occurred to me to take a basic fan and spray-paint it, but look what happens!


love it vintage Wagner Electric Corp French Blue Copper Blade Fan

Vintage fan a lapalooza

Vintage fan a lapalooza

<3 the vintage fan

This sat on her TV so it would fan us while watching our favorite movie. I can still see Gram's living room clearly in my mind.

Vintage/Antique Treasures/Memories......GRANDMA HAD IT - MOM THREW IT OUT - I BOUGHT IT BACK.  If only they understood the value of beautiful "things" made so well long ago.  B.

Antiques Grandma Had It Mom Threw It Out I Bought It Back wood sign-sign for antique shop, hand crafted in usa, funny wood sign

Streamline art deco design fan...

Walt Disney Concert Hall Taj Mahal streamline art deco design House in Abiko / fuse-atelier