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#wattpad #umorismo Curiosità su Percy Jackson, Eroi Dell'Olimpo e tutte le altre saghe scritte dal grande e inimitabile zio Rick!

Percy Jackson and Heroes Of Olympus curiosity - 64

New art from Viria inspired by Blood of Olympus featuring two of your favorite dorks, Nico DiAngelo and Jason Grace

i love this, nico and jason after the blood of olympus, i love how they became really good friends, nico needed that

Anod in the back thats obviously Percy

And Percy in the background>>>>I don't know either to pin it on my heroes of Olympus board or my big hero 6 board, oh well

He's crazy!

My favorite part son of Neptune is that Percy, Frank, and Hazel were like instant best friends, and they totally trust each other.

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Frank discovering Percy and Annabeth sleeping. His innocent eyes!<< this is great i really wanted a drawing of this XD

Look a likes Magnus & Will, Jason & Luke

Look alike blondes XD poor dudes. Will Solace = Magnus Chase.<< I thought Luke was supposed to have longer hair.

His 3rd wheel story is sad and comical at the same time

I just had this random and sudden urge to draw a cute solangelo scene, but when I got to the frame out of nowhere I just really really felt like drawing Leo, and this is the outcome… - from someone else. Oh LEO

Except you see that hole in his face. She's just like "wait what now? Oh now! What do I do again? When are we doing it again? Wait how long do I hold it up? Oh I go now? I have to go now? Like right now? Now really?! Right at this second?! Oh my gosh I'm late for doing this!"

Leo is bad boy supreme, captain tool belt, the boy on fire! 🔥 Team Leo ALL the way.