Dean's names for Cas

[SET OF GIFS] Some of Dean's nicknames for Cas xD Mommy Dearest, My Bloody Valentine, The Song Remains the Same, Abandon All Hope This is so cute!

Haha I love the look on Cas' face! xD

Castiel's face OMG XD poor cas xD<<<The only time he has a normal reaction to anything.


When I went to a SPN con Osric was nothing but a total sweetheart.

Not that I am a Destiel fan but thought this was pretty cute; Dean takes care of Cas like he is his brother

Sam's face is so funny. It is like he knows he is going to be a third wheel.---Sam ships it.<<SAM SHIPS IT

It is Dean's bag!

Dean always packs a bag to visit Cas after he bans him from the bunker, and slowly leaves all his things with Cas, including the bag so that it's like Cas has his own piece of the bunker with him, and a piece of Dean when they can't be together.

I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

Honestly I can't help but ship destiel cuz Cas and Dean. They are so awesome together, but the sometimes the sexual references get to be too much

Team I Don't Realize How Awesome I Really Am And That People Actually Like Me. (note: this does not include honorary members Crowley and Gabriel--they have more than enough self-esteem and ego to spare)

Crowley Ephraim quote, season 6 episode 20 "The Man Who Would Be King" season 9 episode 6 "Heaven Can't Wait". Castiel is a special angel God's favorite

All cas wanted to do was date dean

These are the few angels loved by the fandom (although Anna annoyed me quite a bit when she wanted to kill Mary ). My favorites are Cas, Gabriel, and Balthazar in no particular order

Supernatural Misha Collins Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester Castiel the cute drunk :)