Steve McQueen & Jean Shrimpton on a motorbike photographed by Richard Avedon for Harpers Bazaar 1965

Model Jean Shrimpton & actor Steve McQueen, Harper’s Bazaar magazine, February, 1965 Richard Avedon

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Jean Shrimpton & Steve McQueen by Richard Avedon Harper’s Bazaar February, 1965

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen takes time from his acting career for his passion for motorcycle racing. Here he is shown after finishing a race in the Mojave Desert in - Steve McQueen after Motorcycle Race (© John Dominis)

Jean Shrimpton's perfect profile.

The Carnabetian Army-Its uncanny Jean Shrimpton again I have to go make sue they aren't related now

Steve McQueen,Papilllon.

papillon tattoo steve mcqueen Papillon - Steve McQueen with Steve McQueen and .

Steve McQueen is, in a lot of ways, a major player in my career choice.

Steve McQueen a great Hollywood film star. A man's man! Did you see him in "The Thomas Crown Affair"?

Steve McQueen in BULLITT (1968) The only thing cooler than this picture is the Mustang/Charger car chase in the film.

Steve McQueen in "BULLITT." The ONLY thing cooler than this picture is the Mustang - Charger car chase in the film! Steve drove the car himself - NO Stuntman!

Steve McQueen, 1961.

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