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"But does MIB 2 mess up this head cannon?" Sequels are less canon than this now obvious fact!

Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers #saynotoHYDRAcap

Steve Rogers captain America marvel mcu avengers kicking an Asgardian god in the head because he reminded him of Hitler

Avengers Vocabulary. well-isn-t-that-just-too-funny


Avengerous vocabulary of doom - Funny explanation of the vocabulary of normal person, Tony Stark, Loki and Agent Coulson. I love this so much.---- Loki's possible ally is a cat?

I actually dont really want him to take the mantle because i don't want steve to…

Ugh social media has become a mine field of Civil War spoilers. I'm trying my best to avoid them. I don't see why there wasn't a single worldwide release date.

Steve Rogers

This is the most beautiful picture of Steve I have seen in my life. But Sebastian Stan tho

Marvel and 12%

Marvel + Number They're up to something. < what if Marvel is just tricking us into thinking that they are going to do something really important with the number twelve but they're really not?