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When you know your shit is lit

Yesterday was a nice day. We celebrated bday well nd bonded with some of my relatives well. Cleared some misunderstandings nd most importantly. Nd now i feel sick 😞 oh. no one cares?

"uh huh-listen boi, my first love story" << hahahaha

"uh huh-listen boi, my first love story" Suga

Poor kookie>> They are all so savage!! >> I know right i love em all

Poor kookie and poor tae tae OMG the roast doe

I was wondering where he was until I realized....... then I was dying laughing

I was wondering where he was until I realized. then I was dying laughing 😂😂😂

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BTS' English is actually quite understandable in my opinion.

Photo Holy Jesus mother of god he's so grown now

Bighit learning our secret methods

Yoongi the man who eats to stay alive

BTS Pride is stronger than hunger Jin Suga Yoongi

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My mom ask me this to like no you don't understand I don't like talking to ppl bts has my full focus you see

When will this happen to me. Someone pretend to understand me please so that I can fell better

ive had this happen one me and my cousin were in barnes and nobles and we were singing bts i need u and a girl and her friend were fans it was awesome lol

I'm aggressively whispering along to got7 and bts and it's 10:30pm and I need to finish my homework rip me

Aww thats so precious kookie creepin in the background //BTS- Same kookie FUCKING SAME


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Gente, sinceramente... Acho que é com esse pensamento que quando um idol mostra suas imperfeições as fans ficam bravas ou indignadas, gente... Não existe ninguém perfeito... Ele é lindo! Lindo mesmo! Mas ninguém ninguém mesmo é perfeito.

i love this cuz he's performing "perfect man" here, and it is true Jimin is perfect like what you talking bout teacher?

Jimin you got no jams #BTS

Lol when my cousin showed me this I legit died! "Jimin u got no jams" thank u rap monster!

Yeap. 100%.

Yeap. 100%.

, tears, and time to go back to Bangtan.

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kpop-- excuse my french. Yup pretty much