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Green UV Contact Lenses (Pair) Maybe too bright? Want bright green with a black ring around

Light up your look with our incredible rave / glow contact lenses . In this section you'll find attention-grabbing UV contact lenses, super bright colours and contact lenses great

ColourVue UV Glow Electric Blue Crazy Colour Contact Lenses (1 Year)

ColourVue UV Glow Electric Blue Crazy Colour Contact Lenses will make your eyes glow a brilliant electric blue colour. These lenses are ideal for fancy dress and fashion use because they're great for making a fashion statement.

Batman Contact Lenses

With Halloween literally right the corner, many of us are scrambling to piece together.

Red Glow Contact Lenses

Grab the crowd’s attention with these Red UV Contact Lenses from ColourVue. These lenses are perfect if

Lilac Enhanced Contact Lenses

Stormy Grey Enhanced Contact Lenses Colored Contacts - I don't like Circle Lenses with thick dark striking limbal rings and Big Dolly Eye Contacts because they are so unnatural creepy looking but I do like this vivid / bright color.

Black Out Contact Lenses, Black Out Contacts | EyesBright.com

Color Contact Lenses - White Out Contact Lenses, Patterned Contact Lenses, Movie Contact Lenses, Fashion Contact Lenses and more Colored Contact Lenses.

Red coloured contact lenses

Darth maul contacts have a fiery design that looks amazing they are perfect for your eyes. It is provided by the magic angle Eyes Company. We offer a great selection of many different types of lenses.

Leslie cosplay lenses

ColourVue Crazy Contact Lenses make it easy to get an extreme look. They are perfect for Halloween, crazy costumes and freaky style. These high quality contact lenses are safe and comfortable to wear. They are specially designed to keep your eyes feeling