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Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

Hearts in Nature: A heart-shaped island in the Okavango Delta, Bostwana


formed in the midst of pinkish rock and split by a fissure, we can?t help but wonder: is this nature& broken heart?

Heart in nature

Heart in nature,"Love is all there is" heart shapes in Mother Nature, heart stones green color rocks,

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Laitmawsiang Park, India                                       ..www.xbhp.com

Laitmawsiang Park, India ..www.xbhp.com

Father, in Jesus name put ypu Spirit over Ronnie, you alone can repair a heart so damaged.

Love your surroundings!!

Futamata-bashi Bridge in Misato, Kumamoto. For about 30 minutes from around a. on a sunny day between October and February. This is quite unique scenery made by a sun angle at this time of the year.

Snow heart

Winter season is the longest season in countries of Europe. Snow falling is the speciality of this season in these countries. The continuous snowfall makes layers of snow that cover the ground for day

.......so many thoughts on this one, sad that cutting down life exposes the heart.

no matter what we try to do nature always seems to create art better love heart tree Nature love