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4 or more is gang, so why they coming at me 7 deep but Im with 3 of my brothers and what?

UnFunFact: The KKK currently has more active members in the United States than all terrorist groups in the world combined.

Two things: 1) I need that shirt 2) White boy got me feelin some type of way...a reeeeeaaaallyy good way.

ChuckModi‏ hours ago More This shirt is better than any article ever written on Colin Kaepernick.

Precisely put. Now what kind of fkkry is that?!

We Black Spirit is a Black Owned Business about Black Power T-Shirts & Hoodies inspired by Black Movements, Pan Africanism, Black Culture & Black History.

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They always manage to capture white killers alive, while killing black youth who pose no threat.

They also have the exact same prosecutor.

Easy to explain. This is to promote the Liberal purpose, to keep things stired up. Grosely wrong information. STories like this appeal to the ignorant.

Apparently injustice for some.

1 pic shows how cops treat peaceful protesters, and the other shows how cops treat participants in a massive biker gang shootout