Let's have some fun by Riinaya on deviantART Whyyyyyyy? Someone save me from this crazy obsession!

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Bill Cipher possessing Dipper Pines has been my favorite part of Season Two so far. I love Bipper XD

Okay just a lil' bit of context would be : I'd love to see Bill posses Morty and use it as a means to banter with Rick - An inter-dimensional possession

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OK so this is one of the damn god hotest bill cipher human I ever seen ,I mean look at his yeas or his damn damn hot smile ughhhhhh I just want hiiiiiiim !

I just need a PUPPET by CherryVioletS on deviantART

cherryviolets: “I’m so late for Bipper party. School so hard, I have no time to post fanart fast. Sock Opera is the greatest masterpiece, hands down… ”

Stanley VS Bill>>>AMAZINNNG digital art by unknown based on Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls!!!!

Stanley VS Bill digital art by unknown based on Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls!

Esto se prendio mushoo yaoiiii ♡♡


Im sitting here like. When did I start shipping. I fucking live this😍😍😍😍