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Halo 2 - PC

Halo 2 - PC

Posse Member #3. My son assures me that Master Chief is a must have on the posse.


Posse Member My son assures me that Master Chief is a must have on the posse.

Halo 2

For many, the only thing bigger than a new Halo game would be an actual alien invasion of Earth. In our exclusive interview, Bungie Studios manager Pete Parsons discusses the ins and outs of creating the story for this monster sequel.

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this is widely considered the best halo game (after 2 of course) and I really enjoyed it, but personally, I liked reach a lot better

http://store.theleagueofgamer.com/?product=crysis-2-maximum-edition-steam-key  Los alienígenas están diezmando la ciudad de Nueva York y solo tú tienes la tecnología para sobrevivir. Adáptate en tiempo real usando el nanotraje 2 y sus capacidades únicas de camuflaje, armadura y potencia. Enfréntate a la amenaza extraterrestre de maneras con las que un soldado normal solo podría soñar. Crysis 2 redefine el referente para las plataformas de consola y PC en la jungla urbana de Nueva York.

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Halo 5. Kelly, the fastest Spartan.

Get Halo Guardians, the latest installment in the legendary saga of the Master Chief, for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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Yasss this was so lit Jet Grind Radio / Jet Set Radio - Sega Dreamcast 2000

I played a lot of Lute Hero to pay down the debt during my playthrough.  This is one franchise I will miss now that I don't have an XBOX 360.

Confession: I saved every single citizen of Albion, made all the beneficial choices that sacrificed no one or anything. And had money left over. I collected over 8 million fucking coins by doing every quest and playing Lute Hero until I messed up.

Doom (First-person Shooter Video Game), 1993.  Spent many hours watching this being played at B & B Electronics.

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