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Teacher Controversies

Teacher Forgot 5-Year-Old Shut Up In Dark Room

A Houston, Texas teacher and teacher's aide have been removed from their classroom for allegedly disciplining their pre-K students by placing them in custodial closets they nicknamed "monster closets.

Teenage "Morans" Suspended And Threatened With Expulsion Over Homecoming Pics (Photos)

A young Massachusetts couple was suspended from high school after one of them posted a controversial photo to social media. Tito Velez and his girlfriend, Jamie Pereira, posed for a photo holding AirSoft guns prior to the homecoming dance at Brist.

Teacher Controversies

Teacher Forgot 5-Year-Old Shut Up In Dark Room

Teachers Accused Of Giving Students Answers On State Tests In Exchange For Perks

FATHER WRONGFULLY ARRESTED FOR PICKING UP KIDS FROM SCHOOL!CALL NOW and make a complaint against Sheriff Deputy: Avery AytesSheriffs Office: 931-484-6176Father Arrested: Jim Howe http://www.infowars.com/father-arrested-for-trying-to-pick-kids-up-from-school/

Wow I am amazed at how the most stupid and ridiculous rules get put into place! Dad Breaks School Pickup Rule, Gets Arrested

7th Grader Suspended For Gun Keychain Barely Larger Than Quarter

Narrow Escape from Terror: Child Suspended After a Quarter-Sized Gun Keychain Falls from His Backpack

#WhitePrivilege: White Woman Racially Harassed By Sons Of Obama Who Burnt Her House Down

Editor’s note: This is Part 3 of a series Highlights include: Teacher Diana Reeves: ‘Insert social justice … information .