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This reason for feminism:

This reason for feminism:

"I got 95 problems and the Catholic church's sale of indulgences is all of them." —Martin Luther, probably.

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Also, if you search "frog shaped umbrella" this ^^^^^ is the first Image to show

27 Times Tumblr Totally Understood The Meaning Of Art

27 Times Tumblr Used Art History Perfectly To Make A Point

As a Dutch person I feel I should inform you we pronounce it differently.

When they remembered how the rest of the world can unite over their dislike of England. | 29 Times Tumblr Completely Got What It Means To Be British

This is my favourite :-) Though I wouldn't say I hate England or English people, I just hate when people think England is the only British country

Yes! The fourth comment is something I feel SO often!

Being a writer, this is true. particularly when im procrastinating or have writer's block. But then again, writing is probably my favorite thing to do

<b>It's time we all learn about the emu war of 1932.</b>

How similar the Australian wilderness is to Pokemon.

Straight people need to stop worrying about who pays for the date.

22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Being Gay

Straight people need to stop worrying about who pays for the date. My girlfriend and I either split the bill or just see whoever wants to pay that time


31 Tumblr Users That Are Not Okay

This person who wants a darker, grittier Klondike bar commercial. Little girls being creepy :L

I had to go to a therapist because of this <<< I THINK I NEED TO GO TO THE THERAPIST IM LAUGHING WAY TOO HARD

Explaining my name to people takes some time. Tabitha-Chloe is my first name. It is hyphenated, so technically one word. Chloe is not my middle name, Lamour is. << everyone always thinks my middle name is part of my first name,

I want to work at Disney

I've always wanted to work at disney, but that dream as suddenly grew a lot more intense!