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Grape Hyacinth Muscari Delft Blue Mixture

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Wistfully Country

Beautiful for an all white Moon Garden.Cosmos, Allyssum, Queen Anne's Lace, Daisy, Scabiosa - the perfect combination I've been looking for. Can always rely on floral inspiration from

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Jenny Foxglove's Gothic Garden - Poker Primrose, a dazzling and different late-spring bloomer! An unusual alternative to grape hyacinth with vivid flower spikes that open from the bottom up. Grows tall in part shade.

Mis gibi çiçek kokuları sarsın hayatınızı mutlu saatler

Mis gibi çiçek kokuları sarsın hayatınızı mutlu saatler

Lilies of the valley  I Love Lily of the Valley ! It grew wild around my mother's house in Indiana.

Just beautiful.Reminds me of the rock gardens in our back yard when I was a child. They were full of Lilly of the Valley and we cleaned them every spring.I loved the Lilly of the Valley even as a very young girl.

Picotee delphinium  // Great Gardens & Ideas // by lakisha

Delphinium Delirium, it's no wonder that cottage gardens are so amazing. This is another cottage garden staple! Go Delphinium!


Blue Hydrangea bushes -- want to incorporte these in my yard -- just can't seem to figure out where yet. These are just so beautiful. I love the idea of growing them along a white picket fence.

Beautiful Flowers

Blue Clematis - Another beautiful blue flower for summertime gardens - makes it feel cooler just being around them!

Ornamental cabbage for planters

Winter container with Ornamental Cabbage. Put a Redbor Kale in the middle and have an edible AND beautiful planter. In OR where I live, these would last through most of the winter.

Vodní hyacint * paví oko

Water Hyacinth - Non-Native. Water hyacinth is native to South America but has naturalized much of the Southern U. Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial plant that can grow to .