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But remember his shadow looks like a Disney prince? I think he secretly is actually royalty.<<<I think Disney should do a Korean princess movie and he should be the singing prince.

Why is he so cute

Because food is an amazing thing. That when you eat it your amazed by its goodness.

거짓말이야 you're such a liar -- but it's okay we love you anyway Chimchim

His solo on the album is "Lie" so I guess it fits 😂😂😂 why this child got to always be coming out his clothes tho


Of course he isn't going to *act* cute, Jiminie is so cute naturally acting is unnecessary.

Tae still had a slight Korean accent when he said it but it was adorable

Feel you rapmon xD i always talk in english when im excited or happy

#wattpad #alatoire C'est un livre où je mettrais des memes sur BTS qui m'ont fait rire... Enjoy ♡

⚊ ʙᴛs ᴍᴇᴍᴇs - [MEME N°44]

I doubt Yoongi gets picked on but if he did the squad will roll up

Yoongi told his mom dad and has that he gets bullied so they showed up at school to come to the rescue LOLOL Bts army