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- virginia woolf by cherie

descriptive essay winter I can imagine the cozy winter nights by a fire that inspired this .

designing, writing, editing movies, or watching movies?

This is inspiring :) "The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life - Jessica Hische"

The hair thing might not work if they have an allaby and if people know you don’t like them then you will be a suspect

Sherlock needs to write a Crimes For Dummies (and give it to Anderson for Christmas)<<< pinning for that

haha :) I think @Wendi Matt may re-pin this....

This couldn't be more true. I am by far the funniest person I know .stole from haley, i am the funniest person you know, bitch!

I Will by The Beatles (Father Daughter Dance)

typewrittenword: “I Will” by The Beatles submission from theadventuresofsassysmurf


(Parenting Quote) So true, As a former teacher, this quote is always a brutal reminder. Have you ever experienced this? They may get on your nerves the most, but they may also need you the most too.