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Im so dead inside just because of this pin. it makes me so freakin sad

NOOOOO goodbye soul I never liked you anyways

Why does "The Road So Far" have to hurt so much

The Road So Far Sam Dean Castiel supernatural - that hurts my heart

The Walking Dead 132 Cover! AND 133!!! And ALL OUT WAR HC!

In the comics, Maggie named her child, Hershel, Jr.

His face in the last picture litterally ripped my heart out and smashed it to a million pieces *dies bc i no longer have a heart*

His face in the last picture literally ripped my heart out and smashed it to a million pieces *dies bc i no longer have a heart*

Sammy why you do that to Lucifer?

Can I tickle you from the inside is officially the scariest sentence I've ever heard. And Sammy u hurt his feelings?

Season 10 Demon Dean is sassy

Season 10 Demon Dean was a very sassy f***er

Good job

"I am dead inside" and "I am Dean inside" mean basically the same thing.

That's ok, I didn't need my heart anyway. I lost it a loooong time ago... fucking Winchesters.

*Muffled cries of despair and empathy*<<*stands up and goes sits in the corner staring at the walls a I violently sob*

[gifs] Interview about 1x3 Dead in the Water. i love this interview. really shows who jensen is.

[SET OF GIFS] Jensen supernatural convention panel talks about Dead in the Water that is one of my favorite scenes>>>that was at the first gathering of spn fans ever

Ugh. I foresaw it ending with Dean but I didn't quite anticipate that wording...

[gifset] Terrible things happen to good people every day. Consequently I am not one of the good people. I am one of the terrible things. so sad, because you KNOW Dean feels this way about himself