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I need to do this but then I would have to explain why I need my calculator out during a history exam.very clever though

Don't have a projector? Don't like drinking? Deal with it.

I like this idea, except I wouldn't make it a drinking game. The Best Drinking Game // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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Throughout the play, both Vladimir and Estragon repeat themselves to each other often. Whether it is because they do not understand each other, or to carry on stichomythia, they both have to repeat themselves often and eventually let ideas go.

Funny pictures about Pale People Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Pale People Problems. Also, Pale People Problems photos.

I laughed wayyy too hard when I reached Sam and to this day love love love love that scene. <<<== The "Jar of dirt" part is my fav because my family came up with it during a game, and now it's an inside joke XD

Because Wolverine is supposed to be super short

Funny pictures about Hugh Jackman As Wolverine At Comic-Con. Oh, and cool pics about Hugh Jackman As Wolverine At Comic-Con. Also, Hugh Jackman As Wolverine At Comic-Con photos.


Teenager Post The awkward moment when a film says, "based on a true story" and it automatically become 100 times scarier.