Dark Star by jgss0109 on DeviantArt

A Starco moment. Dark Star was born of negative feelings, only positive feelings can bring the Star that we all know and love back. What do you think would happen.

I'll Not Step Away by jgss0109 on DeviantArt

This is This from the flash (Spoilers) When Caitlin was Killer Frost and Barry talked her down

Family potraits by Caramelkeks on DeviantArt

Star and her family remind me a lot of Gravity Falls' Pacifica North-West and her Family.

Untitled by superstarwordgirl.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

One night Marco was just sitting on the couch when all the sudden this happened. This is the shippiest thing I& drawn recently and uploaded. Done with acrylic paints and some pencils and pens.

skleero:  Star VS. The Forces of Evil by blakmanta Original lineart by LittleDigits  ahhh ! you did a great coloring job - im super touched that you wanted to color the lineart and you really complimented it :) its nice to reblog some brightness !

The Forces of Evil" by blakmanta Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I love how affectionate they are towards eachother, it's adorable.