#ACDC,Leah,LOVES,orphaned,snow,#Years This is Leah she was orphaned #two #years ago she loves #the snow and #ACDC.  She is… - http://sound.saar.city/?p=37547
Punk Rapunzel. So freaking adorable. ^_^
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outfit idea! too cool for school ;)
Manga Style Disney Princess by Chihiro Howe Ariel
They should make a movie with all these characters combined along with Elsa:
This is Scarlet and Josh they are brother and sister and they do not have powers they are nice but do not make them angry. But  they would love a home. Please adopt
Karma and Jazel both sisters 18 one is powerful and can turn your lifestyle into nitemare and other telekinesis and shades of life powers can control well. Both are strong Christians