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Frank, don't know who to credit, but dang... love the look on Sam's face. OK, just love Sam's face.

Journal of a Man of Letters - # 80 - The attention to detail in these are pretty amazing. Note Dean's bag of peanut m&m's and Sam's rosy cheeks. I mean, for real though.

I've always been one to be struck by how young Jared and Jensen look from earlier seasons, but Jared looks like he's about 16 in his first picture.

The boys

I like this cause of the straight up murderous look in dean's eyes in the last picture.

I'm lol-ing so hard right now XD

CAS, omg, lol im so sorry Dean but this us your fault, you deal with your boyfriend

"The name they look for when they check into the first hotel in the phonebook is Rockford." ||| Supernatural Codes

Winchester secrets (the name they look for when they check into the first hotel in the phone book is Rockford)

Oh Adam

Hahahahahaha, I honestly thought they'd grab Adam while they were in there. Then, I thought maybe the door from hell to purgatory they let open would be an escape for Adam. But, I don't think we've seen the last of the pissed off half brother.

” Dean: “You've got to be kiddin’ me! Sam…check it out!” Sam: “What?” Dean: “Too soon?” Sam: “Yeah, Dean… I’m pretty sure 6 seconds is too soon…”

[gifset] Jared complementing Jensen <3 #LACon10 #Jensen #Jared

jensenfans: “ The Jensen Ackles Meme - Favorite Quotes About Jensen ➥ Jared Padalecki - What he’s learnt from Jensen - LAcon 2010 x ”

Hahaha!! XD

Cursed roads…

Walmart is the gate to hell.>>> Walmart is always the gate to hell

Supernatural S04E06 - Eye of The Tiger.  This never gets old. @Madi Small

Supernatural - Dean sings "Eye of the Tiger" I love this part. It's on of my favorite episodes. Gosh, he so delicious.