These are amazing but are they real?

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A buck pauses in a clearing in the very early morning allowing the photographer to get a clear shot WITH a camera.

ღღ The Greenman, Cernunnos /Herne the Hunter. Deer in Winter. By Artist Nicolas Le Boulanger.

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Untitled By Violet Kashi - Incredible nature image of a male deer, looking into the light, in a dark Nature photography, wildlife, of animals.

Avoiding star trails

How to avoid Star Trails with the '500 Rule'

Masquerade (Halloween Gala) these masks we wear / karen cox. butterfly and netting mask (hear wear)

An alternative to flowers is butterflies. The Giambattista Valli catwalk showed us how to do it on 2 July 2012 in Paris.

Thawing slabs of sea ice in summer. blue with icicles. Northwest Greenland.    © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

Iceberg in summer, Northwest Greenland - © Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography / ArcticPhoto

500px / Photo "House in winter wood" by Alexander Sinyavin

snow and a cabin ("house in winter wood" by Alexander Sinyavin) Reminds me of "Over the River and Through the Woods"