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The sad part is, Sora actually did cry when he saw Roxas' memories in DDD. *internally dies of feels.

Ciels little sister - Remembering - Wattpad

Ciels little sister - Remembering

Ciels little sister - Remembering - Wattpad Honstly I feel the same way with every single one of these anime men!

I re-watched aot lately and on every scene with them I can only hit my head on the table like "how can you do this to me"

Yea where?<<Once you know the truth and go back and watch some stuff, some scenes start to feel sarcastic.

My friend told me one of them is from Fairytale. I've tried to watch it, but when I do, I see my parents and then go, NOPE.

I made this because it's so accurate>>>These are all girls but I'm pinning it to a guy character board, because I'm sure someone will make a big deal about it sometime


I love Yato. But then there's the odd Yato. Why has god abandoned us?